the indoctrination of our




How do we connect with each other? How do we navigate societal standards? How do we/ Can we resolve our shared history?

Intersections, is an examination of how societal standards surround us, are projected upon us, and how we engage with those standards. 


How do we adapt these cultural rules to time, and place? How do we accept, reject, and modify the requirements placed on us by our families, peers, and culture?

In this work a viewer should examine the portrayals of privilege and lack thereof. Who owns their stories, and who gets to tell them. How does access to education, basic public health information and does this help advance their social class and race?

This installation requires viewers to engage with these questions, bring their own life experience and baggage in a small confined space, and contend with them via the history of their families experiences, using videos that both documented and indoctrinated generations of our past, and still impact societal roles today.