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Andrew Jorgensen is an award-winning filmmaker and a cinematographer based in Northern Virginia. For the last 15 years he has worked both as a practicing artist, and as a technical manager responsible for building technical infrastructures to support arts organizations of all sizes.


As a result, Andrew has developed a rather unique multidisciplinary technical and artistic practice, that has supported projects that have not only gone around the world, but have also seen both critical and audience acclaim.


Andrew’s practice in filmmaking and cinematography has been primarily focused on exploring human connections and the dynamics that exist across different forms of interpersonal relationships. He is particularly drawn to exploring the complexities of family narratives, friendships and the nature of intimacy. The narratives he leans into introduce elements of magical realism that expose how other-worldly and unexplained interventions can change the path we thought we were on.

Andrew’s recent-personal film, based on a true family story, The Sun and the Medicine Man, tells the story of a Mexican-American family who live in and managing a small suburban motel that travel to seek the assistance of a Medicine Man. The film has been shown in film festivals and showcases around the world, and was also a recipient of a Telly award. Other film projects Andrew has worked and collaborated on have gone on to screen on Netflix, and in festivals around the world in places like, Venice, Cannes, Mumbai, and Australia.

At 1st Stage in Tyson's Virginia, Andrew had the opportunity to serve as the theatre's first technical director. While at 1st Stage Andrew oversaw the implementation of lighting and sound designs for over 25 productions (2010-2014) which received 3 Helen Hayes Awards for technical achievements in lighting and sound design. Many of these shows have been reviewed by The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and numerous other regional theatre reviews.

At The Angelika Film Center in Fairfax Virginia, and the Angelika Pop Up Cinema in Washington DC, Andrew served as both the projection supervisor, and as an assistant manager . While at both Angelika locations Andrew supported numerous filmmakers and film lovers alike through festivals such as DC Shorts, The Northern Virginia International Film Festival, The Northern Virginia Jewish Film Festival, amongst other regional film events and premieres.


In 2017 Andrew started work as the Technical Manager for The George Mason University Film and Video Studies Department. There he is responsible for managing a variety of post production facilities, production classrooms, an equipment rentals program, as well as supporting both students and faculty in the technical aspects of film production. Andrew is also an adjunct professor primarily teaching Cinematography.

Andrew studied Cinematography at Columbia College Chicago (2007-2010) and George Mason University (2015-2017) where he received his Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Film and Video Studies. Andrew is also currently pursuing is Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Photography at George Mason University.

Recently, Andrew also started a small video production company. Old Dominion Film Works LLC.  ODFWs mission is to create opportunities for young professionals in the arts and entertainment industry in the Northern Virginia and DC Metro area. It does this by bringing students out of the classroom and has them work with and alongside seasoned professionals and their clients. To further ODFW's mission Andrew also started the Beacon Hill Film Festival, an online showcase of short films and scripts with the aim of creating a platform for these young artists own original ideas.

All The Places You Can Find Andrew's Work

Andrew has a lot interests in a lot of places. Be sure to check out some of the amazing work he is doing adjacently to his artistic practice!

Click on the images below to learn more!

Old Dominion

Film Works

Owner / Operator
Video Production Services Based In Northern Virginia

ODFW's Mission is to create opportunities for young professionals in the arts and entertainment industry in Northern Virginia and the DC Metro area. ODFW does this by bringing students out of the classroom and having them work with and alongside seasoned professionals and their clients. ODFW aims to be a home for young creatives attempting to forge a path forward by providing them a safe space to develop their own voices and to chart a path forward towards long lasting and sustainable careers.

As these young filmmakers move forward in their careers ODFW looks to build unique services and offerings to help build, support, and expand film, television, media production within the state.

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Beacon Hill

Film Festival

Festival Director
Online Film Festival Started in 2024

Film has the unique ability to transport us and our imaginations to both familiar and unfamiliar places.

Beacon Hill Film Festival, is an online film showcase that celebrates the art of short films, and the filmmakers that make them.

Film @ Mason

Technical Manager & Adjunct Film Instructor
Film & Video Studies - George Mason University

Film at Mason is a community of cinematic storytellers that fosters creativity, analysis, and diverse perspectives, professional practice and socially conscious filmmaking.

Screenshot 2024-03-07 at 5.31.24 PM.png


Cinematography - 2017


Wanderlust - Directed by Josh Renkes

A Road trip with My Dad - Directed by Jennifer Panzera

Cope (A Music Video) - Directed by Alisa Posey

Werewolf Hunters - Directed by Josh Renkes

Nightgaunt - Directed by Tom Vaughan

The Last Minute- Directed by Erblin Nushi Escape - Directed by Andrew Jorgensen and Kyle Van Dyke

Cinematography - 2015


Wanderlust - Directed by Josh Renkes

A Roadtrip with My Dad - Directed by Jennifer Panzera

Cope (Representation) - Directed by Alisa Posey

Cinematography - 2010


Photographs and Letters - Directed by Andrew Jorgensen

Katrice, - Directed By Pablo Wolfe

Rapture - Directed by Ryan McNeal

Charlie (a father's story) - Directed by Andrew Jorgensen

A Directing Scene Study of The Apartment - John Gallegos

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