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Other Work & Affiliated Projects

I have had the great pleasure of working on some truly amazing projects, with some even more amazing people. Whether the work I contributed was producing a project for a client from start to finish,  helping bring another filmmakers vision to life, or it was a small project for myself, I am grateful to all my collaborators over the years!

While I am not able to share every project I have worked on, below is a curated selection of some of these projects which are publicly available.

For a full list of credits please visit the credits page (link above).

EarleyBird - Love (Music Video)

“Love” By Earleybird

Produced by: Old Dominion Film Works / AJORGENSENFILM

Directed by: Andrew Jorgensen

Gaffer: Wenhao 'Simon' Wang Assistant Camera: Sujay Khona, Evan Bowen

Dead Cells (2016)

Produced by: The World Ends on a Monday

Directed by: Joel Morris

Director of Photography: Chris Franklin

Spotlight Horror Film Awards - 2016 Bronze Award Winner

IndieCapitol Awards - Nominated for Best Visual Effects

DAZED 4 HORROR Film Festival - Best SyFy Horror Short Award Winner

Residue (trailer)

Directed, Written, Produced and Edited by Merawi Gerima

Cinematographer: Mark Jeevaratnam

Released by Ava Duvernay's Array - Available on Netflix

The Runaways (2019)

Produced by DK Filmworks

Directed by: Dewey Ortiz Jr.

Director of Photography: Michael Wilson

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